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Reconditioned, Surplus & Ex-Stock

For many purposes, last year's models will be just as good as this year's, and certainly a lot cheaper. All sorts of computer, network or other digital hardware are available via this route..

Reconditioned, Ex-stock, Surplus and End-of-Line bargains!

Reducing the cost of both ownership and acquisition of computer hardware is always a high priority for our customers. Reconditioned, ex-stock and end-of-line computer products are becoming a highly acceptable route to hardware upgrade and acquisition, simply because the manufacturers' prefer a much shorter shelf-life and lifetime for their products, and often we can pick up multiple units of new or just-opened computers, laptops and network equipment for a fraction of the price, usually with warranties, and cheap enough to be able to buy a few redundant spares!

What does 'Reconditioned' mean?

Generally 'reconditioned' hardware comes from corporate clients or ex-demo stock. Such systems are 'hardly-used' or very often unused, as corporate waste still dictates they buy more computers or laptops than they will ever use.

What is 'Ex-Stock' or 'End-of-Line' hardware?

Computer manufacturers only make profit if they continually sell new computer hardware. They convince the distribution channel to 'take' large quantities of computer hardware, and then a year later bring out a new model, making all the distributor's stock outdated. Such outdated stock (usually only a year old) is then sold through specialist ex-stock retailers. Such purchases are often excellent value for money, usually come with complete warranties, and represent the cheapest IT investment possible.

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